How to Reduce a Double Chin – Facial Exercises

Any woman grieves appearance of a second (double) chin. The best thing, of course, is to avoid this. Unfortunately, we are not inclined to preventive measures. We much more care

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Eyelid Exercises for Eye Wrinkles and Droopy Eyelids

One of the best non-surgical ways to tighten droopy eyelids and reduce wrinkles under the eyes is eyelid exercises. It refers for prevention of these effects. Miracles are happen no

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Saffron Benefits for Skin Care. Saffron Mask Recipe

Saffron is a flowering perennial plant of the family Iridaceae. This name is associated with Saffron spice. The real plant is better known as Crocus (Latin Crócus). Use of Saffron

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Honey Gelatin Face Mask for Wrinkles – Delicate Recipe

There are too many recipes of lifting masks tested by ladies of all ages. Every one of them is looking for what she likes best. I prefer honey gelatin face

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How to Get Perfect Skin Fast. Intensive Skin Nutrition

When planning to go to a party you look at the mirror first. Sometimes you may not like what you see up there: tired-looking face, unhealthy skin, bags and dark

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