Fruit Face Mask for Kids

What sense is a fruit face mask for kids? They already have clean and delicate skin. Why children make masks?

I will share you my own secret. I use this mask as a little trick to get my child to wash.

I don’t know about your kids but my youngest daughter Katya does not like to wash, so I must get a workaround.

I offered her to make a mask as long as she will wash the face well. She happily agreed.

Every woman, even very young girl, loves to take care of themselves. I also enjoy doing fruit face mask.

We decided to make a video with Katya like an actress in a leading role.

We didn’t think for long time. Daughter took all the fruits that I found in the fridge: banana, kiwi, peach, apricot, grapes. She washed them and made a fruit puree. I was an advisor.

The child washed her face thoroughly with a special gel and without controversy. Then she applied mask on the face with a special brush licking off the mixture that gets into the mouth.

Fruit mix turned out very tasty. Daughter saved 3 teaspoons puree for the mask, and gladly ate the rest. (Honestly I also applied Katya’s mask.)

She washed off the mask after 5-10 minutes. Kid could not endure more. But I think that it is enough time for children. When I do mask I wait for 20 minutes.

Katya loved doing face mask and eating a fruit puree. Also, she liked to be a model.

We agreed to do a chocolate mask next time.

Benefits of kid’s fruit face masks:

  • very clean face
  • wholesome food for the kid
  • good mood of all participants

Caution: If your child has very sensitive skin, do not use acidic fruits (kiwi, orange, lemon) so as not to irritate the face.

See our short video how to make fruit face mask for kids.

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