Dear visitor, I stay a fan of natural beauty & homemade skincare recipes. Even though I am always interested in new products of modern cosmetology. My name is Irina.

Homemade Skincare Recipes

I need much effort and skills to accomplish with our modern life. That’s why I had to learn several specialties. One of them is facial cosmetologist.

I try to do what is interesting to me throughout all my life. There are some reasons.

Nowadays, with fast life around not every woman has the time to visit beauty salons.

Many women are engaged in housekeeping, others are raising children, yet others simply do not want to go anywhere.

I can confidently say that everybody, not only women likes to look good. At-home skin care is a better alternative to correct the equation.

Homemade Skincare Recipes Benefits

  • We can do it almost any time, even watching TV or cooking.
  • The products for masks are always on hand. Just open the fridge, no need to visit a store.
  • They are always from natural products.
  • It is always under our full control. We know what we do. How to do.
  • We see what we do it from. We don’t need to read the composition labels of beautiful cosmetic jars.
  • Homemade skin care saves our money. We don’t need to buy miracle and very expensive beauty stuff.

I enjoy doing homemade masks and scrubs, combining different natural products together and supervise the effect of using them on my own face.

I’m sure that you can find on my site anything just right for you.

I will be very grateful for the feedback, suggestions or your favorite recipes.

Thank you for your time and consideration that you found to meet the author of this site.

Yours faithfully Irina.

My eldest daughter Alexandra kindly agreed to be my photo model all around the site.