Eyes are definitely the mirror of our soul and the skin around them is a vivid indicator of our lifestyle and health. In this article, you can find useful info on how to remove eye bags and reduce wrinkles.

The eye area usually reacts to the slightest changes in your body sending SOS signals in the form of dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles.

The skin here is like a tissue paper about 0.5 mm thick while the rest of face skin is four times thicker.

It has no natural buffers such as muscles and fat cells. The number of elastic and collagen fibers is also very limited. Therefore, it is highly important to understand the causes of such problems.

Eye bags or Puffy Eyes

Eye bags are mostly caused by fluid retention and it means that your body is unable to cope with the timely fluid excretion. Thus, it is advisable to take some absorbents in the morning to help quickly eliminate toxins.

Workaholism can also be the culprit of puffy eyes. Do not stare at the PC monitor all the daylong and give your eyes some rest.

Special exercises relieving eyestrain will help you a lot.

How to Quickly Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

  1. Shut your eyes very tightly,
  2. then open them wide.
  3. Repeat such exercise ten times.

The work of muscles stimulates lymph flow and relieves tension.

Eye bags oftentimes can be caused by liver or kidney problems, respiratory infections and inflammation of sinuses. In this case, you have the only way out – to visit your GP.

When it comes to daily beauty care, you should always spread a cosmetic product over the skin in a proper way.

The cream is applied with delicate movements avoiding its contact with eye mucous membranes. It is also not recommended to apply a thick cream layer.

The cause of dark circles

Dark circles appear as the result of aging. As the years go by your skin inevitably becomes thinner making the network of capillaries more visible. Lack of iron can cause the bluish color of eyelids as well.

  • Chronic diseases of kidneys, cardiovascular system and thyroid gland, as well as venous circulation problems are also the reasons of dark circles. One of the symptoms of such diseases is a bluish skin color in the eye area.

Only your GP can provide medical advice and type of treatment and then prescribe an appropriate plan of health checkup.

  • One more problem is brown “shadows” which can be caused by excessive sun tanning and improper use of sunscreens.

What You Can Do:

  1. Every morning you should apply a cream with SPF 30 at least.
  2. Before going to bed, use creams with hyaluronic acid, vitamins E, K and C in combination with vitamin A derivatives, amino acids and peptide complexes.
  3. Creams with prolonged action of vitamin C can eliminate such dark skin color and the duo of vitamins A and E has a great antioxidant effect.

Crow’s feet

Cobweb of wrinkles in the eye area usually starts developing after you have turned 25 years old. At a younger age, such wrinkles are almost invisible, but when you are around 30 years old, their formation is already completed and wrinkle contours become clearly seen.

Approaching the age of 35 the body gradually slows down production of collagen, which is the basis of skin elasticity.

To prevent the appearance of crow’s feet there are special gymnastics for the eyes. One of the options you can find in this article.

What is an ideal cosmetic product for eye contours?

  • First, it should not be too greasy, so as not to cause the effect of puffy eyes.
  • Second, it should be non-sticky, so as not to stretch eye skin when applying it.

Besides, it is strictly not recommended to scrub eye area and apply purifying facemasks to it.

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