One of the simplest and “tastiest” recipes is brown sugar exfoliating face scrub with yogurt. Sugar granules are large enough so this scrub should not be used for sensitive skin. If you really want to test this scrub then grind sugar in a coffee grinder for 3-5 seconds before use.

You can get a completely various scrubs adding brown sugar in different binder ingredients. Take any product which nourishes your skin and mix it with sugar. In this case, you will have excellent exfoliator of old cells and mask for your skin at the same time.

Brown Sugar Exfoliator with Yogurt

A nice homemade scrub could be a combination with natural yogurt and sugar. Yogurt is already good proven tool for at home face skin care. Many people are happy indeed using this dairy product in masks and scrubs.


  • 1 Tbsp of brown sugar
  • 1 Tbsp of natural yogurt

Brown Sugar and Yogurt

Mix yogurt with sugar. You’ve got fairly tasty mixture.

Mix Brown Sugar with Yogurt

Smear the scrub on the face massaging it with the fingers excluding the eye area.

Do any homework, or just take a nap while scrub dries. In 15 minutes wash your face with warm water, then with cold water to close pores.

Great advantage of brown sugar facial scrub is that nothing remains after procedure because it’s so delicious.

Brown Sugar Face Scrub

Don’t forget to use the scrub just for face skin first!

Brown Sugar & Honey Face Scrub

One more exfoliator for sweet lovers is brown sugar & honey scrub. Honey is dense and viscous product. It softens the effect of large granules of brown sugar scrub and so this can be used for sensitive skin.

If you are afraid of skin irritation to method which I have described above, сhop sugar in a coffee grinder a little.

Brown sugar and honey scrub belongs to a mask-peeling which have mechanical exfoliation of dead cells together with beneficial effect for the skin due to presence of honey. You can learn more about the properties of honey from this article .


1 Tbsp of brown sugar
1 Tbsp of honey

Brown Sugar & Honey

  • If you have dry or normal skin add half teaspoon of olive oil and mix all ingredients.
  • Replace the olive oil by lemon juice if you have oily skin.
  • If the mixture turns heavy pour 1 tablespoon of warm boiled water and stir it.

Olive oil or Lemon Juice

Rub the scrub with sliding massaging movements on the face except the eyes area for 3 minutes.

Rinse off the scrub with room temperature water in 10-15 minutes.

Brown Sugar & Honey Face Scrub

Dry your face with a paper towel and use your moisturizer after.

This procedure should be done not less than one hour before you go outside so far it may cause temporary redness of the face skin.

Do not panic if this happens. It will take half an hour and you will be irresistible.

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