Causes of low self confidenceWhat are the causes of low self confidence and whence they undertake? Something we inherit from a birth. One kid is more assertive, another one is timid. One goes towards the aim, another one doubts all the time. Recall the childhood, what qualities did that little girl possess?

The heredity is important. Conditions in which the girl has grown into the woman aren’t less important.

One girl grows in gently conditions. Parents always treat her with respect to her opinion. There are soft relations with friends and teachers at school. Such woman lives simply and easily. She

Another girl grows in turbulent conditions.  The parents criticize her constantly during her childhood. It’s difficult for her to make friends at school. Such girl grows into woman with a nervous nature.

Each new step in her life is not easy, each decision raises the doubts. It seems to her that she is always wrong, that she is worse than others and that she fails everywhere. And these thoughts are spinning in her head many years. To get rid of them is very difficult but possible.

This possibility depends only on your wish. If you really want to raise your self confidence you have to work on yourself. And this is a long way. Nobody will give you a magic medicine.

You have a choice: to remain unremarkable person with low self esteem for the rest of the life, or to try to change yourself. Finally, there is no any risk, it won’t be worse.

We spoke about some steps how to build your self-confidence in the previous articles and the conversation isn’t finished yet.

Stay with me…

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