What is different about Greek yogurt face mask and other yogurt masks? The difference is that for our mask we use special kind of yogurt – Greek yogurt.

This product is similar to the classic yogurt but at the same time differs from it.

Greek yogurt benefits:

  • Greek yogurt is prepared by adding active bacterial cultures (probiotics) in milk.
  • Raw milk is used for Greek yogurt preparation because only that milk contains bacteria.
  • Traditional Greek yogurt is produced from sheep’s milk. It is recommended for people with lactose intolerance.
  • Greek yogurt is thicker because the whey is straining out during the yogurt-making process.
  • Fat content of Greek yogurt is minimal. That is why Greek yogurt is recommended for diet (especially for people with diabetes). Include it in your diet. This will help you to clean up the digestive system.
  • Earlier Greek yogurt has been produced by several Greek companies and was exported to other countries. Now many countries produce Greek yogurt themselves.

Unfortunately, many products don’t meet quality requirements. When they make yogurt from cow milk they add special additives to thicken it up instead of having enough milk to get the product. The benefit of Greek yogurt is high content of useful natural bacteria. During non-compliance technology the bacterial cultures are dying.

When you purchase any dairy product read the nutritional facts label and the list of ingredients.

Greek yogurt can be used along with other types of yogurt for face mask. Using of Greek yogurt benefits get the more effect for the skin.

A small video will show you how to make Greek yogurt face mask.

You can use this yogurt for any masks which include yogurt and you can use Greek yogurt for acne masks too.

If you have not used this product in your diet or skin care before be ready to fix that mistake today. I’m sure Greek yogurt will get its proper place in your refrigerator.

Greek Yogurt Face Mask Recipe

That greek yogurt face mask recipe is suitable for all skin types, if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. The mask has nourishing and moisturizing properties. You can do it twice a week if your skin adopts honey yogurt mask.

I add into the mask fresh berries or juice and egg yolk. Berry or fruit juice vitaminizes skin. Egg yolk is very often used in facial masks because it helps to regenerate skin cells.


1 Tbsp of greek yogurt

1 tsp of honey

1 egg yolk

1 strawberry

Why is it better to use Greek yogurt? Because of it’s dense and the mask from greek yogurt is more convenient for applying onto the face. Pick fat content of yoghurt depending on your skin: fat-free yogurt for oily skin and plain yogurt for dry, sensitive and aging skin.

Wash the egg and separate the yolk from the egg white.

Wash the strawberries. Remove the stalk. Mash berries to puree.

Strawberry for Yogurt Mask

You can use blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice instead of strawberries. Two teaspoons puree or juice will be enough for the mask.

Add teaspoon of honey.

Greek Yogurt, Egg Yolk and Honey

Thoroughly mix all ingredients. Apply liberally on face and neck.

Greek Yogurt Face Mask Recipe

Take a break for 20 minutes until the mask nourishes your skin.

Soak a sponge with cool water. Gently remove the mask from the face and neck. Splash your face with cold water. Pat the skin with a paper towel.

Oh, the skin is wonderful and healthy after these natural masks! The aroma of ripe strawberries is so distinctive.

Greek Yogurt and Honey Face Mask

I like simple solutions rather than complicated. Greek yogurt and honey face mask is just my skin care routine. I can make a real home based beauty salon when I’ve got these products on hand.  Yogurt and honey mask is one of many Greek yogurt mask recipes.

You can include additional ingredients in the mask but then ease of creating disappears and it will be … another mask. Especially since I have my own little secret associated with this mask. I’ll talk about it later.

I do this mask without additional ingredients.


1 Tbsp of honey

1 Tbsp of Greek yogurt

I use non-fat Greek yogurt. It is my preference.

Greek Plain Yogurt

It’s not necessary for you to do the same. You can buy any yogurt with fatness from 0 to 4% depending on your skin.

Now let say two words about honey. I buy honey from familiar beekeepers. I do this once a year. All the year round I don’t need to purchase it in store. Honey from beekeepers doesn’t contain any additives. It’s real natural product. But I think if using honey from store is not a big mistake. Not many people have beekeepers on friendly terms.

Thoroughly mix two ingredients and apply the mixture on your face.

Yogurt an Honey Mask

Relax for 20 minutes.

Honey has warming effect and open pores. Wash off the mask with cold water to close pores.

Greek Yogurt and Honey Mask Benefits

Each of above products is very useful themselves.

Greek yogurt has nourishing and moisturizing properties. It contains lactic acid (like any yogurt). This acid works like chemical exfoliation dissolving the old skin cells. Due to this effect upper layer of the skin is rejuvenated.

Honey has powerful antiseptic properties and prevents the spread of skin infection. Honey promotes the regeneration of new skin cells. It also moisturizes the skin due to ability of deep penetration into skin layers.

Both of these products work well together reinforcing the beneficial properties of each other. If you are not allergic to any of these products their use for the skin care and diet is extremely useful. If you cannot use honey for some reason a good substitute is lemon yogurt mask.

And now my little secret which I promised to disclose above:

I do this mask in unusual way. I open a jar of Greek yogurt and put honey inside. Then mix all thoroughly. After I save two spoons of the mixture for the face mask and the rest … I eat with my all great pleasure and health benefits. You know that beauty starts from the inside, don’t you?

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