Confident woman

Confident woman, what is she? How to be a confident woman? Mass media shows that she is a perfect beauty with a long-legged, good-looking figure. She is a caring mother, a loving understanding wife and a career woman at the same time, very successful in her profession. This woman does not know any doubts and disappointments.

Envy is coming up when such movie stars and celebrities are “watching us” from TV screen. They are so smart! But is it really possible to combine all these qualities in one woman?

Someone hopes that a number of all qualities gives a sense of confidence. Some women believe that if they are perfect, it will help them to be more confident. And they tend to the ideal in their appearance, relationship and action. They spend a lot of time, money and efforts, but still are not satisfired with the results, and sometimes it’s coming vice versa.

This way is wrong. It leads nowhere. Ideal does not exist in real life. The quest of the ideal is an illusion, a feature typical for kids. More life experience gives more easy solutions. They are optimal but not perfect. A woman can be pretty, stylishly dressed, and be able to solve difficult situations quickly. And that is more than enough.

Minor errors or omissions under different circumstances should not affect your confidence. If you do not look rather well today, it can mean that you have slept badly or are not feeling well. And if you did something wrong, it means that you have made a mistake. All people sometimes make mistakes except when they do nothing.

No matter how many wrong steps you make you should never lose your confidence. A confident woman is one who has clear visible purpose and who is steadily moving towards. So follow your way without any doubts.

So what is confidence? Where does it come from and where does it disappear? We’ll talk about it next time.


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