I would like to explain what is face scrub means if you don’t know it yet. Before you make your own face scrub at home it would be nice to know what it is made of in general.

Natural Ingredients for Face Scrub

Аctually this is a cosmetic cream containing small solid particles like,

  • plant seeds,
  • chopped nuts,
  • coffee ground,
  • sugar,
  • sea salt,
  • egg shell
  • baking soda
  • etc.

Make Your Own Face Scrub
Your choice of the product depends on the skin type and personal preference.

Scrub cream is designed to cleanse the skin from dead skin cells.

As a rule scrubs consist of two main techniques:

  1. exfoliating and
  2. renewed skin nutrition.

All famous cosmetic brands produce body and face compounds. But good makeup is too expensive. What is the reason which prevents us to make a good homemade facial scrub?

At home we can use the foodstuff that we always have on hand. You can watch a video clip where my daughter gives example details of how to make homemade exfoliator.

We often underestimate the simple and affordable means taking into account that only expensive cosmetics get benefits.

However, homemade scrubs and masks are natural and do not contain harmful chemical additives. The results of using homemade recipes are not worse than the expensive cosmetics do ever.

Just remember that any homemade cosmetics could be stored no more than 2-3 days.

You can use oatmeal as exfoliating ingredient for face scrub

Oatmeal Is Good Exfoliator

or brown sugar to make a scrub with lemon

Brown Sugar for Scrub

or apricot kernel powder.

Make Apricot Kernel Powder

Mixture of crushed apricot kernels and honey is a great apricot face scrub.

The binder feed ingredient for any scrub you can imagine are: honey, yogurt, cream, egg white or egg yolk, sour cream, milk, fruit pulp. You will get a lot of different scrubs combining these products together with any exfoliator.

You don’t need to spend money for expensive peels because it is not difficult to make your own face scrub.

Any scrub contains the base ingredient and exfoliator.

We’re talking about homemade scrubs for the skin. What is the face scrub? Which products will be suited as constituents ingredients for the scrub?

As basis one, we can use:

  • olive oil, yogurt, sour cream, heavy cream, honey, fruit, vegetable pulp, egg white and yolk.

As exfoliator, we can use:

  • salt, sugar, baking soda, coffee grounds, oatmeal, ground nuts, egg shells, etc.

Blend these products inside the food processor to a powder in order to get rid of eventual irritation of sensitive skin.

How to Choose the Right Scrub for Your Skin

We can get interesting and effective natural recipes combining products from the first and second group.

The choice of products depends of the type of your skin and your preference.

As a basic ingredient you can use any of the products listed above, if you are not allergic to them. Use honey carefully because it is allergic component or use egg protein not to pull the skin.

Sensitive skin is the most “capricious”. If you’re ”lucky” and you have this type of the skin make selection and composition very carefully.

For dry and aging skin the same ingredients as for sensitive skin could be fitted. It is desirable to use thick yogurt and to add few drops of olive oil in any scrub.

Oily skin is less demanding for product selection. You can use all of these products (low-fat yogurt and sour cream) except olive oil and heavy cream. It is better to replace them with lemon juice.

Watch the video how to make homemade exfoliator which is recorded by my daughter.

You can fix homemade scrubs that I publish in the category Natural facial scrub if you have no desire to create your own recipes.


  • Homemade scrubs have a short shelf life because they don’t contain preservatives.
  • Scrubs with olive oil and honey are stored better.
  • Scrubs based on dairy products, egg whites and yolks can not be stored.
  • The remains of these scrubs throw immediately after use.

Maybe you compose your own scrub recipe which could be shared in the comments below.

I’ll appreciate if you’ll find one minute to let me know about your amazing creation.

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