Olive oil for eye wrinkles could be used at home with great efficiency to prevent skin aging around eye area. Anti aging eye creams for that purpose are the most expensive products inside cosmetic market. Even the most expensive and branded cosmetics does not give such expected reliable & visual effect.

Using home remedies gives you a big advantage against costly eye cosmetics and that is what could save your money for extra pleasure.

The best agent to care for the skin around eyes and eyelids is extra virgin olive oil. Meanwhile any component should be adapted before using. How to do that read in that article.

Use olive oil under eyes

You are free to add a few drops of aromatic oil into olive oil. The flavorings like pine, cedar or peppermint oil are good spices to cope with wrinkles.

You can mix these ingredients together. For example, take 50 ml of olive oil, add 3 drops of pine oil, 2 drops of cedar one and 1 drop of peppermint. Using of essential oils (the facial masks for acne) enhances the effect of the beneficial action on the face skin.

Remedies for eye wrinkles

Of course, this product you will not be able to use for cooking. But you will have a ready means to care for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Make sure you are not allergic to the aromatic oils. To do this, spread a little oil on the skin around the ear. Check the skin for redness after 15 minutes.

Lubricate the skin around the eyes every day. The best effect should be if you warm oil a little before use.

1 mode

  • Apply the mixture on the skin with gentle tapping of the fingertips. Do not stretch the skin.
  • Move your fingers from the outer edge of the eye to the nose. Don’t apply oil to the upper eyelids.
  • After 20 minutes, gently blot the eyes with a soft paper napkin.

Olive oil as eye cream

2 mode

You can also proceed another way.

  • Fold in half cotton pads.
  • Get them moisten in the heated oil and place them on the eye wrinkles.
  • Take away pads in 20 minutes and blot eyelids.

Olive Oil for Eye Wrinkles

Look at your eye wrinkles in one month. I hope you enjoy your face reflection in a mirror! Just keep loving yourself no matter what!

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    Sound interesting will give it a try

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