There is a common stereotype that people who are dieting have to practice a lot of self-control and self-denial. Such limitation particularly applies to sweets.

Oftentimes people, who do not receive “the hormone of happiness” contained in sweets, get irritable and are often exposed to stress. In the long run such mood will affect their motivation to lose weight.

Honey As a Source of Happy Hormones

Honey consumed in small quantities will provide your body with essential and valuable vitamins, as well as with the above-mentioned happy hormones. This product will definitely improve your emotional state and steady your nerves. Honey has a high caloric content (350 kcal per 100 grams), so it should be consumed in small quantities.

Honey in Weight Loss

Honey Intake When Dieting: Pros and Cons

If you consume honey in proper and correct proportions, its high caloric content will not wreck your diet. Besides honey works really well for improving metabolism and for stimulating natural fat-splitting in the most problematic areas of your body. When you are on diet, you’d better sweeten tea and other drinks with sweet and fragrant honey than with sugar.

The recommended daily intake of this natural product is limited to 3-4 teaspoons. Honey should be added to drinks very carefully; heating it to high temperatures will destroy this unique and useful product and turn it into a real poison bomb. The temperature of tea should not exceed 50-60 degrees Centigrade; otherwise you run the risk of feeling sick and even ending up with food poisoning due to emission of harmful substances which are further on stored in the liver.

Honey: its Useful and Harmful Properties

Honey can really help fight stress, improve mood and boost the immune system. Doctors also say about its beneficial effect on gastrointestinal function. Honey contains fructose and glucose, both of which significantly improve brain function along with the nervous system. Intake of just one spoonful of honey provides your body with a sustained and steady all-day energy. Furthermore, we cannot forget about benefits of honey for skin care.

Honey composition includes the following:

  • water;
  • iron
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • iodine;
  • calcium.

Like all other health-promoting products, this bee nectar has some contraindications and recommendations concerning its dosage. For example, it is strictly recommended to avoid honey in your diet during pregnancy and breast-feeding, and in case you have diabetes, disorders of the biliary tract and gastric hyperacidity.

Never offer this product to infants under the age of 2 years. Nevertheless, if you still have a strong desire to indulge yourself with this treat at least occasionally, you should consult a doctor first. He is certainly be able to give you advice on whether you can add some honey to your diet or better steer clear of it.

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