Every woman knows about benefits of strawberry, but not every woman knows how to use strawberry for face mask correctly. Some unknown subtleties can get maximum of strawberries benefits for your face skin.

I really enjoy this berry. During cold winter time I’m waiting when warm summer days come to us. It means that on the shelves of supermarkets we will see this amazing miracle berry with its divine aroma and flavor.

I want to share with you those little nuances that I know, so that you get the maximum benefit. In winter, we can also find the strawberries on the market, but it is quite another matter.
So take advantage of these gifts which gives us Mother Nature in the summer.

How to choose strawberry for skin care

  • Use ripe berry. Mostly ripe strawberry contains a lot of useful substances (read Strawberry Benefits for the Skin). It’s the best for homogeneous mixture also. Unripe strawberry is tough and not juicy.

Use Strawberry for Face

  • Better buy seasonal strawberry which is grown on the fields with day-present sun and fresh air and not in the greenhouse. It is much more useful.
  • Mash strawberry with fork (even better with wooden spoon because the metal is oxidized). Do not use blender for this. Grinding to a blender destroys the structure of strawberries.

You can do a variety of masks from strawberries combining it with many fresh products, depending on skin type.

For example,

Strawberry Facial Mask for Oily Skin

Ingredients for mask

or Homemade Cream Cheese Face Mask

Strawberry mask for all skin types

You can just wipe the face with fresh strawberries. I’ve forgot to mention one very important thing, you can even eat it.

I would appreciate your opinion.

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