What is self confidenceWe continue to talk about confident women. Let’s try to define what is self confidence. As an example let’s  imagine such a situation: you see an unknown woman at a party or in the street for the first time and you can easily say if she is self-confident or not.  Actually it will be true in most cases.

Thus, we can conclude that self-confident persons can be determined even by their appearance. Fashion of self-assured person is calm, not fussy. These people do not make any unnecessary movements and do not say any unnecessary words. Their speech is clear, measured, reasoned. Body is straight back, shoulders are relaxed and head is up. Confident people are generally friendly because aggressiveness is often a product of uncertainty.

Does it mean that if you learn this style of behavior, you will be confident in yourself? Unfortunately, it’s not so easy. Fashion, of course, has an impact, but it can not change our inner world. Moreover, if you try to teach diffident woman such a manner of behavior, I don’t think she will be able to convince others in her confidence.

Self-confidence is an internal feeling. That it forms a certain demeanor. Confident women do not learn special manners, they are natural. The soul and the the human body are linked together, although we are used to talk about them as something separated. In the east, people do not divide the spiritual and physical in a person. Not for nothing psychosomatics science has appeared that unites a human’s tangible and intangible.

If a woman is not confident and confused, her body immediately reacts to her internal state. The back is stooped, the head is down, the eyes are whiny, the speech is uncertain. Of course, if you watch your posture and speech, then you gradually get used to it and it will help you to gain confidence. But it will not change your inner word completely. You will still have to deal with your thoughts.

The conversation is not over. You stay with me, don’t you?

We will think together how to gain confidence for woman.

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