How to get self confidenceSo how to get more self confidence? In the previous article Why do you need confidence, we came to the conclusion that it is not bad to be sure in oneself. So, let’s start our journey to gain more confidence.
The first and perhaps the most important step I know is to stop criticizing youself. Start it right now. Give a promise to yourself: «Under no circumstances I will ever criticize myself and blame myself for any errors».  And keep it.

You’ll treat yourself with gentleness and understanding. Everyone could be wrong and you are not an exception. Let me remind you again, people do not do mistakes only when they do nothing.

It does not mean that you must stop analyzing your actions in order to understand where you have acted correctly and where not. But the analysis of this situation should be objective. It means that you must see clearly all what you’ve done well or pretty well, and what you can improve next time.

Such an analysis is required only if it helps you in future to avoid similar mistakes. If it does not help you, don’t do that. Just forget it. In most cases, it is quite the opposite. We recall the same situation in our mind over and over again trying to understand why mistakes had been done and why some words had not been said.

In fact, when we analyze the situation, taking into account the events that occurred after the action it often seems to us that we were wrong. But often it appears to be the best decision we could make in that situation.

This step is very important. If you see only your mistakes and shortcomings all the time you will never become the self-confident woman.

And don’t forget praising youself.

But it is the topic of next article. As you see, our conversation is not finished. Stay with me.

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