Yogurt is an amazing product among other kitchen staples for consuming internally, but it is also a great cosmetician making your skin better.

It’s mostly used for face masks and not many people are aware of how to use yogurt for face scrub as this recipe is not so well known and popular.

By means of an exfoliating procedure, we shed all old and dead skin cells to reveal a new, smoother skin layer that looks radiant, clear and younger.

Therefore, people are always interested in products stimulating the turnover of cells and keeping the skin well hydrated. Those, who are not eager to get such remedies off-the-shelf, look for natural products able to give their skin an absolutely natural glow.

Benefits of Face Scrub with Yogurt

  • Lactic acid contained in all types of yogurts has perfect exfoliating properties, which are not aggressive but mild and gentle to skin.
  • By means of a dairy product you can smooth, sooth, hydrate and evens your skin tone, as well as revive dull and tired complexion.
  • Yogurt face scrub has also a bleaching effect, so you can use it in case you want to lighten your skin a bit.

Yogurt Face Scrub at Home

Such scrub is quite easy to make and easy to use. All you need is to apply thick yogurt to a damp face skin, gently massage it, and leave the scrub for 7-10 minutes to let it dry a little bit, roll it up with fingertips and then thoroughly wash off all remnants with tepid water.

You can also create various yogurt scrub recipes of your own, taking into account your skin type and its reaction to different ingredients.

Yogurt Face Scrub
Add some lemon juice to yogurt, thus making a chemical peel, which dissolves dead skin cells. In this case, citric acid usually enhances lactic acid properties.

Add coffee grounds and salt (preferably sea salt) to make this yogurt mix stronger for buffing off all dead cells of upper skin layer.

Face Scrub with Sea Salt

Owners of aging skin can add strawberries and oatmeal, which help nourish, moisturize and cleanse face skin.
For sensitive skin, it is advisable to mix yogurt with some olive oil.

Strawberry & Yogurt Scrub

If blackheads, whiteheads or acne worry you much, then you can blend yogurt and rice powder turning it into coarse and thick paste, which then is applied to face skin with rubbing circular motions.

You can even consider adding ground apricot kernels, apple or grape juice, sugar or ground dried orange peels – your choice is up to you!

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